Dusk Elf

Thin, lithe and graceful, Dusk Elves are a subrace of Elves native to the southern deserts. They tend to be a bit shorter than humans, with more delicate features, and pointed ears long even for an elf. Their large eyes are pearly orbs of vibrant color, lacking both pupils and sclera. This trait causes many to compare their appearance to Eladrin1 though, or (less favorably) to Drow.

Dusk Elf skin ranges from a pale gold to very dark brown, but tends to fall more or less within the the realm of possibility for a human. Their hair is naturally windswept in appearance, and wavy, in and tends to run toward extremes of color, either platinum blonde or pitch black.

Dusk Elves tend to be almost catlike in their movements, and traditionally wear light, loose fitting clothes, which can give them the impression of gliding across the sands of their homeland.

1Eladrin argue that this is absurd

Dusk Elf

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