Perverted Cleric of the Seas




Zahlya was born to a lower-class and relatively poor family in a small village about a day’s travel from Awod Kebu. At a young age (around 5-6), she started to display the beginnings of healing powers. Her parents found her mending the broken bone of a small stray cat in the village and were alarmed. Magic was something that frightened them. Concerned about their personal safety, her parents took her and her younger brother and travelled to the heart of the main city. When they figured they had travelled far enough she wouldn’t find her way back, they unceremoniously dumped her on the steps of the cathedral and abandoned her. She was found crying on the steps of the cathedral and a kind priest took her in. His name was Father Aldrich. He brought her into the church and raised her as his acolyte. Her proclivity for healing and medicine were soon discovered and she was trained within the church to be a healer under the life domain. As she grew older, she was considered a rising star within the church under Father Aldrich’s tutelage. The closer to the top she rose however, the more disturbed she became by the apparent corruption of the upper ranks of the faith. Politicians and royalty all had their hands in the pockets of the church and Zahlya’s faith became shaken. The final straw was when she learned that the upper ranks were fully aware of the false prophet claiming to be the reincarnated god, Nebuet. Prior to this revelation, she had felt the weakening spirit of the actual Nebuet during her daily prayers. She investigated and soon had enough proof that she felt comfortable bringing it to the church hierarchy. They confirmed her suspicions and threatened her life should she speak a word of her new-found knowledge to anyone. It was then that she decided to make it her mission to abandon the church and find a way to expose the false prophet for what he truly was. She soon packed up her bags and left without a word.


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