h2. The Story So Far:
So it's been brought to my attention that there is a FUCK TON of plot elements and threads all coming together in the game right about now, and it's getting a little bit confusing. Therefore I will be proving a little recap
In this setting it is known by everyone that the Empire of Sek (which is very Egyptian in feel) has a pantheon of 9 gods known as the Ennead Pesedjet, all ruled over by an unnamed 10th god, who created them.
The Nameless One is said to have made the gods of the Elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These Gods then in turn created 5 more gods
These second generation gods were Sunlight, Riverbank, Sand, Hearth, and Nature
Zahlya is a cleric to Water
You all live in the 53rd year of the Reign of Priest-King Hamenthoktes (He who communes with the Gods, May he reign for a thousand years) in the Blessed Kingdom of Sek. This prosperous land is Surrounded on three sides by the calm waters of the Silver Sea. It is bordered to the south by the Sea of Salt, a near endless expanse of desert.
However for many years now Pharaoh Hamenthoktes has been the ruler in name only.
Many years ago, there was a drought that crippled the land. untold masses died of thirst and starvation
An ancient ceremony was preformed by the Pharaoh and his priests to call upon the gods for aid
The Gods responded, and the god of Water himself appeared to save his people, and prosperity returned to the kingdom. But Water showed no sign to leaving after the river flowed once more
He now rules Sek personally.
The Pharaoh has not been seen since the ceremony.
However the god has proven to be an ineffective ruler. The people are safe and have water, but the military and government programs have basically stopped existing
With little protection the magical lighthouse that allows for trade across the sea went out when it's light source was stolen by monsters under the command of the Monstrous and hedonistic Lamia Queen of the Desert.
Some of our heroes were on a ship that was dashed against the coastline when the light went out
Investigating the matter they were hired to retrieve the light, and save the Captain of the Ship that had been on as well.
On their adventure they also found out that a number of Dwarves had been mind controlled by the Lamia Queen. Including the Crown Prince of a mighty stronghold nearby
After fighting the Lamia and her minions to a stalemate, and saving many of the Dwarves, the heroes have still not yet found the light source
And the Lamia Queen escaped.
But a mysterious door has appeared in the Lamia's Palace, sealed with the sign of a Demon Lord.
Tāv who had been studying the area knows that there is a tear in reality beyond this door, and feels that it must be investigated. Assuming that their missing prince must be beyond the door as well, the Dwarves that you saved agreed to escort him. Our heroes decided to go as well, as they had still not found their objects of their search.
The door lead to an enormous spiral staircase of 924 stairs that lead down to a glowing green pool of ichor
From this pool arose a powerful and mysterious humanoid figure, that then became a writing mass of tentacles
He has now become an unimaginably large creature, claiming to be an ancient god, and the "father" of the Water God

Seas of Silver and Sand

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